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Lions Come In At No. 36 On World's Most Valuable Sports Teams List

Despite not having a winning record since 2000 and being one of the worst teams in professional sports over the last decade, the Lions are the world's 36th most valuable sports team, according to Forbes.


Forbes' annual list ranking the world's top 50 most valuable sports teams includes every single NFL franchise. Although the Lions did come in at 36th in the entire world, that was only good enough for 28th in the NFL, ahead of the Jaguars, Falcons, Vikings and Raiders. I guess that is just more proof that the NFL is the biggest thing in American sports. The Lions are valued at $867 million, yet that is only good enough for 28th in the NFL.


The Lions are the only Detroit team on the list. That's not too surprising since only a handful of MLB and NBA teams are in the top 50 and no NHL teams are.