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Henrik Zetterberg's Pre-Wedding Gathering Produces Some Interesting Photos

As mentioned yesterday, Henrik Zetterberg is getting married to his girlfriend in Sweden. Before the wedding, however, all of their guests put on some ridiculous-looking onesies that sort of resemble prison jumpsuits with the stripes. Lots of pictures and a video surfaced of the guests in these outfits (via George Malik), including photos of current and former Red Wings players, such as Tomas Holmstrom:


MLive's George Malik discovered the explanation for these, uh, interesting outfits in an article about the wedding from Sweden (translated after the jump).

And at once guests were ordered to go to their hotel rooms--to change.

They all had the same clothes, the old classic striped swimsuit and white robes.

Then the 120 guests were bused to the venue of the first Swedish communal baths, Ransvik, and everyone laughed out loud at the uniform dress code.

"It's wonderful to be here and I look forward to the wedding," said Pavel Datsyuk, Zata's teammate on the Detroit Red Wings.

"Feels fantastic"

Then the guests mingled and ate hors d'oeuvres, and the couple arrived to the rocky beach in a rowboat.  Even then several friends and relatives were bathing.

"It feels great to get going.  And everyone looks so nice in their swimsuits," says Emma.

All of Zetterberg's Swedish teammates (and former teammate Mikael Samuelsson), Pavel Datsyuk and Valtteri Filppula are attending the wedding and took part in the gag of having to wear the "old classic striped swimsuit." Below is a group photo (click to enlarge) of everybody in the swimsuit. My favorite is Datsyuk, as he just looks absolutely ridiculous (he is in the middle on the far left, right behind Jonathan Ericsson and next to Filppula).