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Tigers Reportedly On Dan Haren's No-Trade List

The biggest obstacle in trading for Dan Haren originally seemed to be the package it would take for the D-backs to actually agree to a deal. Jacob Turner, the Tigers' top prospect, reportedly could be a necessary piece for a deal involving Haren, for example.

Now, based on a report from Jon Paul Morosi, it looks like the Tigers have bigger things to worry about with a Haren deal than which prospects to include, because they are apparently on his no-trade list.

For two of those clubs, acquiring Haren won’t just be a matter of surrendering the necessary prospects and affording the remaining money on his contract. They will need to get his permission, too.

Major league sources told on Friday that the Tigers and Twins are among the teams on Haren’s 12-team no-trade list.

That complicates things, but as Morosi points out, Haren has a club option for 2013 worth $15.5 million. If the Tigers or any team on his no-trade list were to agree to pick up the option, it's possible he would give the D-backs permission to make a deal happen.