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SI's Jon Heyman: Tigers Could Be Favorite To Land Haren

The fact that Dan Haren put the Tigers on his 12-team "no trade" list isn't stopping reputable sources from reporting that the Tigers serious interest in Dan Haren could come into fruition. SI's Jon Heyman just tweeted that the Tigers could be the favorite to land the Diamondbacks' stud RHP: 

#tigers, #phillies, #yankees, #cardinals said to be in on haren. he is now expected to move. tigers could be favorite.

I imagine the reports will go back and forth for the next week, leading up to the deadline. It's really no secret now that the Tigers are very serious in acquiring Haren and, as Sean mentioned in the previous update, if the Tigers can offer a guarantee on that expensive 2013 team option Haren might agree to be traded to the AL Central contender.