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Sunday Night's Tigers/Blue Jays Game Won't Be On TV

It's no secret that Major League Baseball has some of the most archaic television policies when it comes to blackouts, but it turns out they have one just as dumb with ESPN for national exclusivity:

Sunday night's #Tigers game will not be on TV due to the exclusivity window for the ESPN national broadcast that night.

Because the Tigers game tonight was postponed until Sunday night, you won't be able to watch it on TV. Yeah, that makes complete sense. Just look at the later part of the schedule for Sunday:

4:05 PM White Sox @ Athletics
4:10 PM Red Sox @ Mariners
4:10 PM Mets @ Dodgers (ESPN is broadcasting this game)
4:10 PM Giants @ Diamondbacks
6:05 PM Blue Jays @ Tigers
8:05 PM Angels @ Rangers
8:05 PM Cardinals @ Cubs (ESPN is broadcasting this game)

Despite the fact that there are essentially three games starting at the same time as ESPN's "Sunday night" game and two later that night, the finale between the Tigers and Blue Jays won't be on TV. What a joke.

UPDATE: ESPN's schedule was wrong. The Cardinals-Cubs game is the Sunday night game of the week. Still doesn't change the fact that this is a stupid rule.