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Magglio Ordonez's Option Unlikely To Vest

Because Magglio Ordonez fractured his right ankle and is now going to be out for at least six weeks, it is highly unlikely that his option for 2011 will vest, as Zach Links of MLB Trade Rumors points out.

The injury could prove to be costly for Ordonez as he needs 540 plate appearances or 135 starts in order for his 2011 option to vest.

Currently, the 36-year-old has 363 plate appearances and has started just 71 games.  Based on the current prognosis, Ordonez could only hope to return to action in the first week of September.

What's on the line for Ordonez is $15 million in 2011, and now it is doubtful that he will achieve the stats required to get that. While some fans may see that as a good thing because more money will be available next season, the Tigers are certainly going to be hurt by the loss of Ordonez. His numbers this year haven't been out of this world or anything, but he was having a nice season before this injury happened, and some even thought he could be a candidate for AL Comeback Player of the Year.

Unfortunately for Ordonez, this injury will cost him more than just the next month and a half or more of the season. He will miss out on a big pay day and his future is now definitely up in the air.