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Dan Haren Traded To Angels By Diamondbacks

Pitcher Dan Haren, viewed as one of the Tigers' main targets as the trade deadline nears, is officially off the market.

The right-hander was dealt to the Angels earlier today in a move that seemingly developed and came to fruition awfully quickly. Los Angeles decided to send pitcher Joe Saunders, two pitchers from the minors and a player to be named later to Arizona in exchange for Haren.

What does this move mean for the Tigers? Probably not a whole lot. While there's no doubt the Tigers were taking a hard look at a possible move for Haren, with the way things have gone lately, there's no telling if they would have actually pulled the trigger to land him. At the same time, there's no telling if Arizona would have accepted any offers sent their way from Detroit, as they reportedly wanted at least Andy Oliver and Jacob Turner. It's possible the Tigers would have accepted a move involving those two, but with the season falling apart, it may be best just to hold on to prospects like them and look toward the future.