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Report: Tigers Have 'Great Interest' In Adam Dunn

With Magglio Ordonez out for six to eight weeks with a broken ankle, the Tigers are likely going to need to make a move of some kind to replace his bat. The players currently on the roster stepping in for him are a pretty big drop off from the Ordonez we saw this year, and as a result, the Tigers now may look to the Nationals' Adam Dunn to replace him.

With the injury to outfielder Magglio Ordonez, the Tigers have "great interest" in Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn, according to a baseball source. [...]

If the Tigers were to acquire him, Dunn would be a designated hitter and play in the outfield. They already have a first baseman in Miguel Cabrera.

It's unclear if the Nationals will actually trade Dunn considering there has been talk of signing him to an extension, but I would be for this move if the Tigers could pull it off for a reasonable price. Not only would Dunn upgrade the lineup, but landing him would throw a wrench in the plans of the White Sox, which reportedly are "desperately" trying to trade for him. In this case, trading for Dunn would kill two birds with one stone, as he would help the Tigers' lineup and a trade would keep him from playing for Chicago.