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Jim Leyland Ejected In Third Inning

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Jim Leyland was just tossed in the bottom of the third inning by umpire Marty Foster for arguing a call at second base. This is the second time Leyland has been ejected this season, and interestingly, both ejections came at the hands of this umpiring crew.

Tampa Bay's B.J. Upton successfully attempted to steal second thanks to Foster calling him safe despite Will Rhymes applying the tag well before Upton slid into second. Foster was in a terrible position to make the call, which is likely why he got it wrong.

Before FS Detroit could even finish showing a replay of the call, Jim Leyland sprinted out of the dugout and unloaded on Foster. It took all of a few seconds for him to get tossed, but he made sure to get his money's worth and kept arguing for a minute or two before leaving the field.

Luckily for Foster and the Tigers, the blown call did not cost Detroit anything more than Leyland for the night, as they got out of the inning without giving up a run.