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Max Scherzer Loses No-Hitter On Grand Slam In Sixth Inning

Max Scherzer didn't give up his first hit until the bottom of the sixth inning tonight, but boy was it a big one. Former Tiger Matt Joyce absolutely destroyed a pitch on a 3-2 count and it barely stayed fair for a grand slam, giving the Rays a 4-0 lead.

Joyce's hit was the first one in this game for either team. The Tigers are currently being no-hit by Matt Garza, and despite loading the bases, Scherzer hadn't given up a hit until Joyce came up in the sixth. Before that at bat, Scherzer walked a couple batters and Carl Crawford also reached base thanks to the home-plate ump calling catcher interference on Gerald Laird.

With the way the Tigers lineup has played tonight, I really only have confidence in Miguel Cabrera to break up Garza's no-hitter. The rest of the players in the lineup -- many of whom should be in Toledo right now -- just look clueless out there.