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Pistons Not Drawing Much Interest On Market?

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Although Karen Davidson has made it known that she would like to sell the Pistons before the start of next season, right now it doesn't seem all that likely. Aside from the fact that there are labor issues in the NBA and the market itself isn't doing well, it's not a good sign that there seems to be so little interest in the team right now, according to one person in the know.

One businessman frequently involved on the side of both sellers and buyers of NBA franchises said the fact that he has not heard of a single legitimate purchaser, at this stage, is not a good sign.

"I certainly would have heard, or someone I know certainly would have heard, by now," said the consultant, who asked not to be named because of his frequent involvement in NBA deals. "The fact that no one has heard means that bid deadlines have probably come and gone without a significant offer."

If this apparent lack of interest continues, it's possible that Davidson will have to decide to sell the team for a lower asking price than she hoped. Then again, the thing that complicates this sale the most is the fact that the Pistons are simply one piece of the for-sale Palace Sports & Entertainment, so chances are that will have a big effect on the sale of the team itself.