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Tigers To Skip Jeremy Bonderman In Boston

Sunday's day-night doubleheader forced the Tigers to change up their rotation a bit for the Rays series, with Eddie Bonine scheduled to start tonight's game. With a doubleheader against the White Sox coming up next Tuesday, the Tigers are once again changing up their rotation a bit. This time it involves Jeremy Bonderman getting his spot in the rotation skipped, however.

Manager Jim Leyland said Tuesday afternoon that he wanted to keep Scherzer and Verlander on their regular four days of rest. Verlander talked last month about how he has trouble pitching on extra rest. Scherzer said it doesn't really make a difference with him.

Leyland added that Bonderman will start on three days' rest after his next outing. Next Tuesday's day-night doubleheader against the White Sox left the Tigers with a choice -- calling up a spot starter or going with a bullpen start. This gives them Plan C.

"What we wanted to avoid," Leyland said, "is sending somebody down and bringing somebody up."

Here is what the Tigers' upcoming schedule of probable starters looks like:

Tonight @ Rays: Eddie Bonine

Thursday @ Rays: Rick Porcello

Friday @ Red Sox: Armando Galarraga

Saturday @ Red Sox: Max Scherzer