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Tigers Not In Talks With Gary Matthews

This tidbit of news (from Jason Beck) is not trade-related, but it's worth mentioning because there was some talk that the Tigers should go after outfielder Gary Matthews, who is currently a free agent.

Matthews is looking for a place where he can find a Major League roster spot, something the Reds couldn't find for him after 30 days at Triple-A Louisville. So far, the Tigers have not been in touch.

If the Tigers make any moves -- and there's no guarantee that they will -- chances are it will be a trade, not a signing. Dave Dombrowski would rather acquire a player who is ready to go from the second he is traded instead of one who would take some time to get back into form. Since Matthews is a free agent, the expectation would be that he would take some time to get back into playing form. The Tigers would simply prefer a guy that can hit the field ASAP.