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Tigers 'Not Pursuing' Russell Branyan, Lyle Overbay

Every day as the trade deadline gets closer, it seems like more and more players are being crossed off the list of potential acquisitions for the Tigers. That's not because other teams are losing interest in trading them, but rather the Tigers just aren't interested in making a move.

The latest two players to scratch off the list are Seattle's Russell Branyan and Toronto's Lyle Overbay, according to FOX Sports' Jon Morosi.

#Tigers not pursuing Branyan or Overbay, source says. 

Branyan actually just returned to the Mariners' lineup after dealing with back spasms for the last week or so. Considering the last thing the Tigers need is another unhealthy player, I think you can take a guess as to what one reason is for Detroit's lack of interest in making a move for him.

As for Overbay, he is actually the man responsible for beating the Tigers in part one of Sunday's doubleheader. He hit a two-run homer off of Jose Valverde in the top of the ninth, giving the Blue Jays a 5-3 lead. Although the Tigers got a direct look at how he can be dangerous for opposing pitchers, they are not interested in acquiring him.