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Statistics Show That Tigers Local TV, Radio Ratings Amongst Best In Baseball

For as repulsive and frustrating the Tigers can play sometimes (see last night), there's no question that their fans are tuning in one way or another. According to the Sports Business Journal they're tuning in to local TV and radio broadcasts both at higher rates than many of the other Major League Baseball markets, including contenders such as the White Sox, Phillies, Rays, and Braves.


The Tigers average roughly 193,000 WXYT radio listeners per game, up 21.9% from a year ago. This figure ranks them fourth in the league only behind the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets and New York Yankees. Their average rating per game (for men 25-54) is a 21.3, which ranks them second behind only the Cincinnati Reds. 


The results for those viewing Mario Impemba and Rod Allen on a nightly basis are not as impressive, but remains nothing to sneeze at. The numbers are down from a year ago, but Detroit still ranks sixth with a 6.23 average rating per game and seventh best in drawing 117,761 households per night.


Keeping in mind that the Tigers also rank in the top half of baseball in attendance, I think it's safe to say that Jim Leyland -- who has said multiple times that Detroit is one of the top two baseball towns in baseball -- isn't being entirely biased.