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Mike Modano's Options Still Detroit Or Retirement?

Although Mike Modano initially made it clear that he would simply play for the Red Wings or retire, it appeared that things changed when both the Wild and Sharks started expressing interest in him. Both destinations made sense for Modano in different ways -- Minnesota is where he started his NHL career and San Jose would allow him and his wife to live closer together since she is an actress.

As Modano continues to take the time to make a decision, speculation has suggested that this was no longer strictly a Detroit or retirement situation. With both the Wild and Sharks coming into the picture, the belief was that the Wings may have some competition for Modano's services. Well, it turns out that may not be the case at all.

I texted Mike Modano and he said there is no plan at this time for a meeting with people from Minnesota or San Jose (who have expressed interest in signing Modano). He said he is working out off-ice and still plans to skate in early August. He said he will make a decision on if he wants to play after he skates.

As has been reported earlier, Detroit is willing to wait for that decision.

Further evidence that it is still Detroit or retirement for Modano comes from the Star Tribune.

I've talked with a couple people who know Modano extremely well, and they don't believe at all Modano's signing in Minnesota anyway. They believe it's Detroit or retirement all the way, and like I said, these people know Modano very well.

Although many Red Wings fans have lost their patience with Modano, I really don't have a problem with him waiting until August to decide. Yes, it'd be nice if he would let the Wings know one way or another so they can finalize their plans for next season, but what are a few more weeks? It's not like the free agent market is passing Detroit by while they wait, so I personally don't see what the big deal is.