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Jahvid Best Agrees To 5-Year Deal With Lions

Jahvid Best, one of the Lions' two first-round picks from the 2010 NFL Draft, is ready to get on the field when practice begins for training camp tomorrow, as he and Detroit have agreed to a five-year deal.

Originally, it looked like there was a chance that Best could miss some practice time, but there wasn't concern that this would be a long-term issue. Well, as it turns out, it wasn't an issue at all, as Best ended up being signed with more than enough time before tomorrow's morning conditioning test and afternoon practice.

With Best agreeing to a deal, the Lions can now set their sights on getting Ndamukong Suh locked up. It may be a case of just waiting until Sam Bradford, the first overall pick, signs with the Rams, but at the very least all of the Lions' efforts can now be focused on Suh.