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Details Of Tom Lewand's Suspension; Statements From Those Involved

Here are the specifics of Tom Lewand's suspension, as reported by Tom Leyden:

Tom Lewand's thirty day suspension will begin August 25. Can't go to facilities, games and can't represent the Lions unless it's with MADD

Below are statements from Tom Lewand, William Clay Ford and Roger Goodell.


"I remain committed to accepting all of the consequences of my actions, including those in the Commissioner's decision. I am deeply grateful for the support I have received from the Ford family, the Lions organization, numerous colleagues and many of our tremendous fans. Most important, my focus today is on moving forward to help our team and our organization prepare for an exciting 2010 season.''


"Tom continues to have my full support. I applaud him for the way he owned up to his mistake and for how he has openly and positively dealt with this situation.

"We have a strong organization, thanks in large part to Tom's leadership since he became team President, and I am confident that our organization will be able to operate efficiently until Tom returns from the League-imposed sanction.''

Goodell (letter to Lewand):

"You occupy a special position of responsibility and trust, and -- as you have publicly acknowledged -- your conduct must be consistent with someone in that position," Commissioner Roger Goodell told Lewand in a letter.  "As we have discussed, those who occupy leadership positions are held to a higher standard of conduct that exceeds what is ordinarily expected of players or members of the general public.

"I commend you for your candor, your willingness to accept responsibility, and your publicly-stated recognition that this incident affects the reputation of the Lions and the NFL."