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Armando Galarraga Leaves Game With Ankle Injury

With two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning, Armando Galarraga was drilled in the right ankle by a line drive. It was a direct shot to the ankle, and Galarraga went down immediately in severe pain. Based on the Tigers' recent luck with injuries, my initial reaction was, "Here we go again."

The good news is that after a few minutes, Galarraga got up and walked off the field under his own power. It looked like he was trying to convince Jim Leyland and trainer Kevin Rand to let him stay in the game since he was only an out away from qualifying for the win. Both Leyland and Rand were shaking their heads, however, as they didn't want to take a chance on letting Galarraga stay in there. In fact, they didn't even let him take a practice pitch to test the ankle out.

Based on Galarraga's reaction and the fact that he walked off the field under his own power, I'm hoping this was a stinger and nothing more. Considering how unlucky the Tigers have been with injuries, it'll probably be something worse, but hopefully they get a break for once.