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Tigers Have Talked With Toronto About John Buck

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If there's one position where the Tigers could use an upgrade, it's catcher. Gerald Laird and Alex Avila have struggled all season long and are really a dead zone of sorts in the lineup.

Keeping that in mind as the MLB Trade Deadline nears, the Tigers have reportedly had talks with the Blue Jays about acquiring catcher John Buck, according to FOX Sports' Jon Morosi.

#Tigers have talked with #Jays, and catcher John Buck may be a better fit for #Detroit than even the relievers.

The Tigers have a few needs, including at reliever, but yes, it would be nice to add a catcher. Laird does a solid job in the field as a catcher, but he is basically in a permanent slump. Buck, on the other hand, is hitting .279 and has 14 homers and 47 RBI. Laird, by comparison, is hitting .186 and has only three homers and 16 RBI. I think I speak for most Tigers fans when I say this: Make it happen, Dave Dombrowski!