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6 Players On PUP List As Lions Open Training Camp

The Detroit Lions held their first practice of training camp earlier today, but seven players did not participate. As has been well documented, Ndamukong Suh was one of those players, as he isn't under contract. The other six, however, didn't participate in practice because they are on the Active Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. What that means is that they are not healthy enough or aren't quite ready to practice yet, so they are stuck on the PUP list for now. Here are the six players currently on it:

TE Brandon Pettigrew
TE Will Heller
DE Jared DeVries
CB Jack Williams
S Ko Simpson
S Louis Delmas

A couple of those guys are coming off of ACL injuries or injuries from last year, so they still need more time to recover before practicing.

One of the guys coming off of an ACL injury that isn't on the list is Kevin Smith. I knew there was a chance he would be ready to go based on how he was seemingly ahead of schedule with his recovery, but I'm a bit surprised it actually happened. That's for sure the best news of the day, as there has been plenty of negative stuff with Suh and the fact that three potential starters are on the PUP list.