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Report: Nets Interested In Joe Dumars

Although Joe Dumars has denied a report that said he interviewed with the Nets recently, Vince Ellis of the Free Press reports that the Nets are interested in the Pistons' president.

The New Jersey Nets are interested in hiring Joe Dumars for the job of team president, a source close to the situation told the Free Press this morning.

In an e-mail, Dumars — the Pistons’ president of basketball operations — denied a report that he interviewed with the Nets over the weekend.

However, while there may not have been formal conversations, the source confirmed that the Nets are interested in Dumars, who took over the Pistons in 2000.

You wouldn't think Dumars would be all that interested in the Nets job, but it seems clear the Nets are interested in him. If that actually will translate into Dumars interviewing with New Jersey at some point is left to be seen, but now the previous report about an interview already happening doesn't seem quite as random. It wasn't accurate, according to Dumars, but perhaps it was just a bit premature.