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Joel Zumaya To Have Surgery To Insert Screw In Elbow

Originally it was thought that Joel Zumaya's injury would not require surgery, but as it turns out, he will have a procedure done to his elbow. The surgery is required to insert a screw into his elbow, which will "stabilize his fractured olecranon."

Dr. Stephen Lemos will perform the procedure July 12 at Detroit Medical Center.

"It's a very, very common surgery, really, to be perfectly honest with you," Tigers head trainer Kevin Rand said Monday morning in the clubhouse. "With the olecranon fracture through the bone, (it) was probably the best option as far as stabilization and to strengthen that area for him to pitch in the future."

Luckily it does not appear that Zumaya has any ligament damage, and this surgery doesn't sound too serious. As Rand said, the surgery is going to be done to strengthen that area of Zumaya's arm, which will only help him as he tries to recover from this injury.

UPDATE: The original report from Jason Beck that the screw would be inserted in Zumaya's shoulder was incorrect. The surgery will be on his elbow after all. The story has been updated to reflect that.