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Joe Dumars Denies Report Of Interview With Nets

Earlier today, a New Jersey paper put out a report stating that Joe Dumars had recently interviewed for the Nets' soon-to-be-vacant president position.

The Nets interviewed Pistons president Joe Dumars and New Orleans general manager Jeff Bower on Saturday, according to league sources. Thorn, who is resigning July 15, and new coach Avery Johnson were in the meetings with the two well-respected executives, the sources said.

If it seemed a bit odd to you that Dumars supposedly interviewed for a job with the Nets, then you're not alone. As soon as I saw the report, my first thought was, "Why on earth would he be looking for a new job, especially with New Jersey?" I suppose you could say that the Nets job would include a rich owner who is willing to spend a ton of money to win, or that Dumars is looking to make a move before a new owner is in place for the Pistons, but it still didn't make a ton of sense.

As it turns out, the report didn't make sense because it's not true.

In an e-mail this morning, Joe Dumars, president of basketball operations for the Detroit Pistons, denied a report that he interviewed for a similar position with the New Jersey Nets this weekend. [...]

When asked did he interview for the Nets job, Dumars immediately replied: "no."

I'm not exactly sure how Dumars' name was brought into this if he didn't interview for the job, but according to him, no interview happened, so I'm stumped.