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Former Red Wing Bob Probert Dead At 45

Beloved former Red Wing Bob Probert has died at the age of 45, according to AM800 CKLW.

AM800 news has learned that former NHL star Bob Probert has died after efforts to revive him when he was rushed to a Windsor hospital with no vital signs.   Probert, a former Detroit Red Wing forward, was on a boat in Lake St. Clair when an emergency call was made.  EMS and fire met the boat and started CPR, but sources say Probert was not revived.  

Probert played for the Red Wings from 1985-1994 and was best known for his fighting ability and tough guy attitude. His time in Detroit came to a sad end after an investigation into a motorcycle accident revealed that his BAC was three times the legal limit and he had cocaine in his system, prompting the Wings to move on.

His problems off the ice aside, there's no doubt that Probert provided many memorable moments for Wings fans, so this is some really sad news.