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Mike Modano Reportedly Drawing Interest From Three Other Teams

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As soon as it was announced that Mike Modano would not be returning to the Dallas Stars, immediately the Red Wings were linked to the Michigan native. It was all speculation early on, but soon we found out that the Red Wings were interested in Modano and Modano was interested in the Red Wings.

During this courtship of Modano, really only the Red Wings were mentioned as a possible destination for the 20-year veteran. Well, that is until now. From Sportsnet's John Shannon:

Modano has heard from DRW and three other teams.Says a source:"Mike is considering Detroit and the 3 other teams...nothing is imminent".

If the Wings had it their way, something would be imminent considering Modano is visiting the team today. If nothing is imminent, though, Modano will probably explore all of his options before making a decision.