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Miguel Cabrera Does It Again: 9th-Inning Homer Ties Game At 5

The Tigers put together a mini-rally in the bottom of the eighth inning to cut the lead down from 4-1 to 4-3, but the Orioles added a run in the top of the ninth to go up by two. Luckily, that wasn't a problem for the Tigers, because Miguel Cabrera saved the day again.

After a lead-off walk and a Magglio Ordonez strikeout, Cabrera came up looking to hit a homer. His first swing was proof of that, as he took a big rip but did not make contact. The second time around was similar in the sense that he took a huge swing, but this time he crushed the ball, sending it out of the park for a 407-foot home run. The two-run homer tied the game at 5-5, and the Tigers and Orioles are now in extra innings.

With the Twins winning earlier tonight, the Tigers need a victory of their own to stay at the top of the AL Central by themselves, and for now, Cabrera has given Detroit a chance to do just that.