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Mike Modano Heads Back To Dallas To Think Things Over

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Mike Modano is scheduled to go back to Dallas today after spending much of Tuesday in Detroit visiting with the Red Wings. His time in Detroit consisted mostly of talking with Ken Holland and Mike Babcock and listening to how he would fit in with the Wings. Also, in one sense it was like a recruiting trip for Modano since there's no doubt Holland and Babcock were trying to convince him to return to Michigan for good. Even so, Modano said they weren't trying to pressure him or anything.

"It's totally up to me," said Modano, 40, who was told by the Dallas Stars last month that they were moving forward without him. "We talked about my situation, what it would be, how I would fit in and the logistics of it all. It was good. We talked about playing at home and having a chance to go deep in the playoffs. I have to figure out what I want to do still. They haven't pressured me into making a decision. But I know the sooner the better for everybody so they can get their financial situation resolved and figured out."

Both sides of this have been very open about what is going on, so none of this is really new information. Still, it's interesting to hear Modano's perspective as he heads back to Dallas with a decision to make. The Red Wings obviously want him to join their team and help them with another Stanley Cup, and on paper I'm sure Modano would jump at the chance of playing for what is essentially his hometown team. In reality, though, Modano has to figure out if he is prepared to make this big of a change so late in his career and if he's got another year of hockey under his belt. If the answer to those things is yes, then he will sign with Detroit.