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Pistons Hoping To Wait Out Will Bynum

The Detroit Pistons are playing a wait and see game with restricted free agent backup point guard Will Bynum. Basically, the Pistons are trying to avoid negotiating against themselves, as they plan to match any offer he receives:

If the Pistons had pounced and hit Bynum with a deal worth $3.5 million per year, they would be negotiating against themselves — kind of like the Grizzlies did this past week when they tossed five years and $80 million at restricted free agent Rudy Gay, a move criticized by many. Wait, and maybe they get him for $2.5 million

The Pistons don’t want to dole out a lavish contract for a guy that doesn’t deserve it, after Rudy Gay and Darko Milicic both received outlandish deals last week. All indications point to Bynum re-signing, it’s just a matter of getting on the same page.