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Ndamukong Suh 8th In NFL Jersey Sales

Ndamukong Suh's popularity is extremely high here in Detroit, which probably isn't too surprising considering he was the second overall pick of the draft. Still, it's not often that a defensive tackle is able to excite a fan base quite like this, and it's also not often that a defensive tackle can sell jerseys like Suh has.


From the start of April to the end of June, Suh was eighth in jersey sales in the entire NFL. Right after the draft Suh was second behind Tim Tebow, but he has been able to maintain good enough sales to land in the NFL's top ten.


Tebow is first in the entire NFL in jersey sales, meaning he leads all rookies. Suh is in second for rookies, ahead of players like Sam Bradford (ninth), Dez Bryant (15th) and Eric Berry (18th).