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Ben Wallace 'Certain To Re-Sign'

Chris Iott reports that the Pistons have been talking to free agents Will Bynum and Ben Wallace. Bynum is a restricted free agent and Wallace is on the open market, and both of the two players are expected to be back with the Pistons next season.

For Bynum, Iott believes that it could take some time for him to be re-signed because of his restricted free agent status. He can entertain offers from other teams, but the Pistons will ultimately be able to choose to match any offer that comes in. Even so, the expectation is that he will simply re-sign with Detroit.

As for Wallace, it is pretty much a guarantee for him to be back with the Pistons. Not only is coach John Kuester already talking about how Wallace can mentor Greg Monroe, but Iott says that "Wallace is certain to re-sign with the Pistons." He also said this on Twitter the other day in response to a rumor that Wallace is going to retire:

That rumor is not worth much. Ben Wallace will be back next season. I promise.

There is no timetable for when these two players will actually re-sign, but it does appear that both will be back with the Pistons officially at some point this summer.