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Eugene Parker: Ndamukong Suh Won't Get More Money Than Sam Bradford

Eugene Parker, one of Ndamukong Suh's agents, shot down rumors today that he and Roosevelt Barnes are trying to get Suh a deal worth more than what the Rams gave Sam Bradford.

Eugene Parker told me now that market is set with Bradford's deal, he concedes Suh's deal will come in less. Hoping to get it done soon.

The Internet was abuzz with discussion over the possibility that Suh wanted more than what Bradford got after Tom Kowalski passed along the rumor last night. While that rumor no longer is true based on what Parker said, it does appear that he and Barnes wanted to get Suh more money than Bradford at some point during the negotiations.

Word is that Suh's reps asked for more than Bradford.... $90 mill x 6 yrs.... $56 mill guaranteed... sure that's not going to be the deal.

I'm assuming the Lions quickly dismissed any possibility of that happening, which is all just part of the negotiating process. Now the two sides must come to some sort agreement over how much money Suh's deal will include, and my guess is the next obstacle will be the $41.7 million guaranteed Matthew Stafford got last year. One would think that Parker and Barnes want more than that, but will the Lions be willing to give a defensive tackle more money than their franchise quarterback? That remains to be seen.