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The Cost Of Maintaining Sparty

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In this week's edition of ESPN The Magazine, there is an article about the different costs associated with the sports world. One of the focuses of the article is what it costs to maintain the costume of Sparty, Michigan State's mascot. The article breaks down some of the different costs involving the costume and even includes an invoice from of a purchase made a couple years ago. The invoice for that particular purchase can be found after the jump, and below is a breakdown of some of the general costs associated with the different parts of Sparty's costume.

  • $1,131.99 per pair of "Sparty arms" (Michigan State bought three pairs last June)
  • $2,650 per pair of "Sparty boots"
  • $50 to clean Sparty's head
  • $100 to have Sparty's head resewn
  • $1,075 for Sparty's skirt (MSU bought two)
  • $1,900 for Sparty's carbon fiber chest plates (MSU bought three back in Sept. 2008, and it cost $450 extra for custom paint and $3,600 extra for the "carbon fiber mold")