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NFL Preseason, Lions At Steelers: Thunder, Lightning Delays Game

Some nasty weather is currently hammering the Pittsburgh area, and it has forced tonight's Lions-Steelers game into a weather delay with 1:31 left in the first half. As soon as there was a loud clap of thunder, everybody left the field and fans booked it to the exits as quickly as they could.

There's no word yet on when this game will be resumed, but I would bet on them playing the end of the first half, taking a short break, and then immediately starting the second half. We're close enough to halftime right now that this weather delay should be able to serve as the players' halftime break, so I doubt there will be another one after the official end of the second quarter.

By the way, the Lions are currently trailing the Steelers by a score of 13-7. The Lions' starting defense looked very good, as did the offense, which scored Detroit's only touchdown. Matthew Stafford led a drive of more than 60 yards and capped it off with a touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson.