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Carlos Guillen Gets Fancy On Double Play

Back on July 24, Carlos Guillen made a nice play to get an out at second base by flipping the ball behind his back. The Tigers were unable to turn two, but it was a "Web Gem" type of play for sure.


On Saturday night in Chicago, Guillen once again made a behind-the-back play to get an out at second. This time around, however, that was merely part one of a double play that Ramon Santiago helped turn.


Santiago caught the ball off balance, turned, touched second and then fired the ball to first base, where Miguel Cabrera was waiting for the third out of the inning. Cabrera was especially pumped for the play, and he high-fived Guillen on the way to the dugout.


Thanks to the excellent play by Guillen, the Tigers got out of the third inning (there were runners on first and second base with one out) and went on to win 3-2.