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Armando Galarraga Involved In Heated Dugout Argument With Alex Avila, Gerald Laird

Following the bottom of the first inning of today's game between the Tigers and White Sox, Armando Galarraga got into an argument with his catcher, Alex Avila.

It's unclear what the cause of the argument was, but Galarraga got right in Avila's face and looked to be very upset. Lloyd McClendon tried to get Galarraga to the other side of the dugout, but then he started getting into it with Gerald Laird. Whatever Laird said set Galarraga off, because he tried pushing Laird away. Quickly things escalated even more and Laird got his hat knocked off when Galarraga pushed him in the head. Finally Johnny Damon intervened and whisked Galarraga to the opposite end of the dugout.

Galarraga and Avila obviously weren't on the same page during the first inning despite not allowing any runs. Then, when Galarraga confronted Avila about whatever issue there was, Laird got involved and Galarraga lost it for a second.

Galarraga went on to pitch five innings and allowed four runs on seven hits. The Tigers' offense came alive in a big way, however, powering Detroit to a 13-8 win.