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Laval Lucas-Perry Transfers To Oakland

Former Michigan basketball player Laval Lucas-Perry has transferred to Oakland University, where he will resume his career after sitting out the 2010-11 season in accordance with transfer rules.

Lucas-Perry was kicked off the Michigan team by John Beilein earlier in the summer, and it wasn't immediately clear if he would transfer at all. Despite not being on the team, Beilein offered Lucas-Perry the opportunity to continue using his scholarship for academic purposes since he was close to graduating, but obviously he would rather play college basketball for another year (he will be eligible in 2011-12).

This is the second time Lucas-Perry has transferred in his career. He originally started out at Arizona, but he transferred to Michigan after only a semester with the Wildcats. He was eligible to play for Michigan after the fall semester of 2008 came to an end. Coincidentally, his first game actually came against his new team, as Michigan took on the Oakland Grizzlies in a game at The Palace. Lucas-Perry made a great debut, hitting four three-pointers and scoring 14 points in only 16 minutes of action. Michigan won the game by a score of 89-76.

Although Lucas-Perry showed great promise in that game against Oakland, his career never took off at Michigan. It came to a disappointing end when Beilein booted him from the team, but at Oakland he will look to get things turned around when he gets a chance to play again in 2011-12.