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Tigers Sign Nick Castellanos And Drew Smyly In The Nick Of Time

Roughly twenty minutes before the deadline struck, the Tigers agreed to a deal with their second-round pick, LHP Drew Smyly. The crafty lefty from Arkansas will reportedly receive a $1.1 million signing bonus. 

After Smyly, though, it didn't look like the Tigers were going to be able to reach a deal with their first-round pick (No. 44 overall), Nick Castellanos. However, according to Keith Law, the third baseman out of the University of Miami agreed to a $3.45 million deal with the Tigers right at the buzzer. The deal was made so close to the deadline, the MLB had to confirm that it was completed on time. 

This is obviously great news for the Tigers, as Castellanos, Smyly, and Ruffin were their three biggest draft picks. For more information on the draft picks and their projected impact on the Tigers system, check out the Detroit Tigers blog, Bless You Boys