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Lions Sign Cornerback Jahi Word-Daniels

With depth in the secondary a huge concern with injuries continuing to mount, the Lions decided to bring back cornerback Jahi Word-Daniels.

Word-Daniels was a member of the Lions last season and played in two games. He was on the roster until June, at which point he was released. The fact that he knows the system is likely a big reason why he was brought back, as the Lions just need extra bodies at cornerback right now so they can run through drills and actually practice. This morning that was an issue, so Word-Daniels was signed right before the afternoon session.

Because the Lions only had 79 players on their roster, nobody had to be released to make room for Word-Daniels.

UPDATE: Word-Daniels was brought in to replace some injured players, but he actually got hurt during his first practice. That's just wonderful.