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Carlos Guillen's MRI Results Show No Major Damage

Carlos Guillen's left knee was too sore for him to play on Tuesday night against the Yankees, but based on his MRI results, he shouldn't be kept out for too long.

Tests showed that Detroit Tigers second baseman Carlos Guillen didn’t suffer any major damage to his left knee during Monday night’s game-ending double play, manager Jim Leyland said.

This is very good news because Guillen could have suffered a much more serious injury as a result of Brett Gardner's dangerous slide. Guillen didn't think the slide was a big deal on Monday night, but after seeing a replay, his opinion has changed.

Guillen also had a chance to look at the replay of Brett Gardner's slide once he returned home. Though both Guillen and the Tigers said it was clean right after it happened, Guillen had a different outlook on it Tuesday, saying it looked like a late slide.

"I saw a replay when I got home, and it looked different," Guillen said. "He knows."

Clean or not, thankfully Guillen doesn't appear to be too banged up.