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Pistons Trainer 'Has Ideas' On How To Keep Tracy McGrady Healthy

Keith Langolis of spoke with Arnie Kander, Detroit’s famed trainer, about how he plans to approach working with Tracy McGrady, whose history of injuries and ailments is lengthy. Here’s Kander:

“I’ve done a lot of videotape on him,” he said. “Broke down a lot of movement over the last eight years. I do that with a lot of guys, just to look and see. If I do talk to somebody, I want a little knowledge on them beyond just, oh, yeah, you scored 28 points a game. That doesn’t mean anything to me.”

In the piece, Kander likens McGrady’s situation to those of Grant Hill and Rasheed Wallace. He believes his film study of McGrady’s movement will help him diagnose any health issues that arise during the year.

The piece is a rare behind-the-scenes look at a usually guarded profession, and merits your attention.