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Jim Leyland Ejected By Umpire Eric Cooper In 8th Inning

In the eighth inning of tonight's game between the Tigers and Yankees, home-plate umpire Eric Cooper ejected Jim Leyland. A blown call or something like that didn't get Leyland ejected, so let me rundown what led to the eruption of anger and subsequent ejection.

  • In the first inning, Brett Gardner was hit in the leg by a pitch from Jeremy Bonderman. This was obviously retaliation for Gardner sliding hard into Carlos Guillen at the end of Monday's game, leading to Guillen being placed on the disabled list. Many thought Gardner would get beaned yesterday, but it didn't happen until today, after Guillen was put on the DL.
  • Both benches were warned following Gardner getting hit by Bonderman, but when Miguel Cabrera was beaned in the back in the eighth inning, nobody was ejected. This enraged Leyland, who argued with Cooper and could be heard on TV saying, "They're going to the f***ing playoffs. I ain't going anywhere."
  • After the conclusion of top of the eighth, Leyland went back out to continue going at it with Cooper, who ejected him from the game.

Leyland had a right to be angry, because the benches were warned, yet nobody was ejected after Cabrera got hit. The pitch that hit Cabrera was no accident, and the pitcher should have at least been given the boot. Leyland's frustration was not unfounded by any means, but the umpire got tired of hearing it and decided to eject him.