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Louis Delmas Misses Thursday's Practice

It’s been an up-and-down training camp for Louis Delmas’ groin. Originally reported to need season-ending surgery, Delmas returned to the practice field, but has not strung together two straight practice sessions. He was on the sidelines on Thursday after practicing Wednesday and this could be the theme for the entire season:

“It’s a groin injury and the more you beat it up the most it’s going to affect you in the long run. So I take one day off, two days off, one day off, two days off that would be the best treatment for it,’’ Delmas said. […]

[…] “The groin injury is never going to heal if you keep aggravating it,’’ Delmas said. “I guess it will be something I’ll have to deal with.’’

Delmas is not expected to play in his second straight preseason game on Saturday against Denver.