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Tate Forcier Got His Wings Back

A mere few days ago, Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier was seen on the sidelines of practice with a wingless helmet. As it turned out, Forcier and a few other unnamed teammates were stripped of their maize wings because they did not earn them. Well, today, Rich Rodriguez gave Tate Forcier his wings back:

"There’s a lot of interest in Tate," Rodriguez said, grinning at the multiple questions. "He has worked, and some of the guys that we’ve challenged — you do that as coaches, a handful of guys that you know have some talent and have the ability and you want to challenge, you want to see how they respond. Tate, so far, has responded to the challenge, as have a couple other guys.  

It's still not entirely clear why Forcier had his wings taken away in the first place, but the Troy Woolfolk comments about his work ethic are a good start. After a fairly successful freshman season, Forcier might have felt he's entitled to the starting role and Rich Rod probably wanted to make it clear that it's his position to win, not lose.