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Notes From Mark Dantonio's Press Conference

Opening statement:
  • "Very, very excited about the leadership displayed."
  • Greg Jones has a great physical presence on the field and is a guy that can make plays all over the field.
  • "Eric Gordon comes back as a fourth-year starter (at linebacker)."
  • "Gotta come up with more turnovers (on defense)." One thing the defense really needs to improve on next season.
  • "When you have an experienced quarterback, good things can happen for you."
  • "Keith Nichol returns as an x-factor guy."
  • Every time Keshawn Martin touches the ball he averages about 18 yards a play.
  • Offensive line returns three starters and two guys who have had limited starting experience.
  • About six guys from our recruiting class getting on the field every year.
  • "33% of (Aaron Bates') punts drop inside the 20."
Answers to questions (after what was probably the longest opening statement in the history of Big Ten Media Days):
  • Margin of error isn't very big. Have to be right 100% of the time.
  • "When you look at any conference, you look at the team that's won most consistently in that conference." (Responding to a question about Ohio State)
  • "Coach Tressel does an outstanding job. I'm sure we all know that."
  • Looking at the pass rush last year, defense did a good job of getting sacks.
  • 3-4 defense will be part of what they do. On run/pass downs they will transition to that.
  • "We want to put our best players on the field."
  • Linebacker is one of the strongest positions.
  • A 3-4 defense lends to getting the most talented players on the field.
  • "Thank you very much, Go Green."