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Report: Tom Gores Emerging As 'Front-Runner' To Buy Pistons

Ever since Mike Ilitch made it known that he would like to purchase the Detroit Pistons, I think it's safe to say that most have simply assumed that is what would happen. After all, when Ilitch sets his sights on something, he usually gets it, and a new marriage between the Ilitches and another Detroit sports franchise just makes sense.

The problem with simply assuming that the Pistons are Ilitch's team to lose is that they aren't. In fact, according to The Detroit News, Flint-area native and Michigan State graduate Tom Gores is actually the current favorite to buy the team right now.

Flint native Tom Gores has emerged as the "front-runner" to become the Pistons' new owner, according to sources close to the situation. [...]

Gores, 46, and his group have made two visits to The Palace the past two weeks, the only interested group to do so. Gores made another visit Wednesday, but has not yet made a bid.

Gores, who owns Platinum Equity, went to Michigan State and sold computer software before moving to California to go into business with his older brother, Alec. He owns a home in Grosse Ile. According to Forbes, Gores is worth $2.2 billion, making him the 147th-richest American.

For me, I want the Pistons' new owner to be someone with local ties and someone who has a legitimate interest (and knowledge) of sports. Gores fulfills both of those things, as he grew up in this state and still has a home here, and he definitely is a sports fan based on reading the profile of him in The News' article. While I would like to see Ilitch get the team just because he has a proven track record for success, Gores doesn't seem like a bad alternate option by any means.