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Ordonez "Unlikely" To Play The Rest Of This Year

The minor update on Ordonez yesterday was that his cast was off, he was in a boot and on crutches, and would have his fractured ankled reevaluated. Today Jim Leyland told the media that it is unlikely Ordonez will play the rest of this year: 

"I would say the answer to that is doubtful. I had a nice conversation with him yesterday. Things change fast in the injury business, so I don't really want to say for sure, but I think it might be unlikely that he plays the rest of this year."

Ordonez's injury needs to fully heal or he risks fracturing the ankle again and causing further complications with the foot. Inge, who was supposed to miss a similar 6-8 weeks with a broken hand, was able to return early from his injury because he didn't run the risk of hurting the hand anymore than it already was.

If the Tigers don't offer Ordonez a contract this offseason to come back next year, it'd be a shame for him to go out like this. Ordonez has hit .318/.381/.492, 102 home runs, and knocked in 501 RBI in six seasons with the Tigers. Of course, he'll be remembered most for his walk off home run in the 2006 ALCS clinching game.