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Johnny Damon Claimed By Boston Red Sox

It was reported earlier that Johnny Damon was claimed off waivers by an unknown team. After some prodding, Jon Heyman discovered that it is Damon's former team, the Boston Red Sox, who claimed the wily veteran. 

There's a complication, though. 

Damon has a no-trade clause to the Red Sox, so he would have to agree to any deal sending him back to his old team. Joel Sherman points out that Damon was a big part of the 2004 Red Sox team that came back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the Yankees in the ALCS and then went on to win the World Series. The Red Sox currently find themselves in a similar hole, but this time in the divisional race.

There has been speculation that the Rays and Yankees might also be interested in Damon, but if it is indeed true that the Red Sox claimed Damon, they'd get priority because they are the worst of the three.

The next moves are up to Damon and the Tigers.