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Johnny Damon 'Not Inclined' To Return To Boston

Although the Red Sox have claimed Johnny Damon off waivers, that doesn't mean that he is going to return to his former team. In fact, Damon's no-trade list includes the Red Sox, and while it's possible that he could waive the clause and be sent to Boston, it doesn't sound likely.

Ed Price of talked to Damon, and the current Tigers outfielder said that he's not inclined to rejoin the Red Sox. That's not too surprising, as there is a reason why Boston is on his no-trade list. Apparently Damon didn't like the reception he got when he returned there, so he would rather stay with the Tigers then go to Boston.

If Damon does in fact exercise his no-trade clause, then I believe the Tigers are stuck with him. A trade with the Red Sox won't be possible, and Detroit can't just let him go to Boston via the claim, either. As a result, it looks like Damon will be finishing the 2010 season with the Tigers, as Boston's move to claim him really doesn't leave Detroit with room to do anything.