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Damon's Gut Says He's A Tiger

After the Tigers' 12-3 win over the Royals (the team's fourth straight victory), Damon reiterated to the media that he's leaning toward staying in Detroit

"My gut and everything else tells me Detroit's the place for me."

Damon also said that he wants to be a part of the Tigers' growth movement, a member of the team next season, and even went as far as saying that the Tigers are not out of it this season, despite being 10 back with only 37 games to play. Johnny, you had us at "Detroit's the place for me," you don't have to lie to us. 

As it was mentioned in a previous update, Damon has until 1 p.m. Wednesday to make a decision. If he refuses a trade to his old team, the Tigers must pull him back off waivers and can no longer trade him.